HUNT 365

HUNT 365-Your monthly guide to habitat, equipment, and tactics!

Hunt 365 is a monthly guide to what a whitetail hunter can be doing on his or her farm or favorite hunting grounds.  Each month will cover a topic dedicated to what a hunter could be doing that time of year in preparations for deer hunting each fall.  Successful deer hunters spend time in all seasons getting ready for the fall hunt.  Planning and executing that plan can help most hunters be more consistent in taking whitetail deer; especially good bucks.  Most of us do not have unlimited time and money…so I will do my best to promote ideas for the weekend hunters out there making tactics outlined in this section easy enough to accomplish one weekend a month as cost effectively as I can.  I will cover equipment, habitat, and tactics; as well as the paybacks (return on investment as I call them) for each idea I cover.  Each month I will review what I will be covering next month as well as provide insight as to what I might be doing on my farm.  The hunting industry is full of hype getting us to spend our time and money on things that sometimes have very little positive impact on our hunting.  My motto is simply this: Repeat and expand things that work, change or quit doing things that don’t!

January 2015-Equipment for food plots and habitat improvements  Click HERE

February 2015-Interior Food Plots   Click HERE

March 2015-Creating Security Cover   Click HERE

April 2015-Planning the Years Food Plots   Click HERE

May 2015-Spring Planting Food Plots (Seed, Planting Depth, Fertilizer) Click HERE

June 2015-Food Plot Herbicides and More—Your Guide to Herbicides   Click HERE

July 2015-Summer Planted Brassicas—The Dog Days of Summer   Click HERE

August 2015-Fall Food Plots   Click HERE

September 2015-Setting the Trap   Click HERE

October 2015-The Hunt Starts Now   Click HERE

November 2015-The Hunt is On    Click HERE

December 2015-Late Season Low Impact Hunting   Click HERE

January 2016-Prioritizing Your Resources   Click HERE

February 2016-Best Archery Sets Part I-Reading an Aerial Photo   Click HERE

March 2016-Best Archery Sets Part II-Fence Jumps and Transition Plots   Click HERE

April 2016-Spring Food Plot Questions   Click HERE

May 2016-Nitrogen Fixation and Cover Crops   Click HERE

June 2016-Buying Hunting Land   Click HERE

July 2016-Overseeding Food Plots   Click HERE

August 2016-Fall Food Plot Questions   Click HERE

September 2016-Getting Ready for Season Opener   Click HERE

October 2016-Deer Reaction Time, Jumping the String   Click HERE

November 2016-5 Reasons Your Season Won’t End Successfully   Click HERE

December 2016-Late Season Whitetails   Click Here

January 2017-Buying Recreational Land Part I   Click HERE

February 2017-Buying Recreational Land Part II   Click HERE

March 2017-Buying Recreational Land Part III   Click HERE

April 2017-Chainsaw Habitat   Click HERE

May 2017-Can You Plant Too Much Food?   Click  HERE

June 2017-June Jobs for the Fanatic   Click  HERE

July 2017-The Case for the Enclosed Blind   Click  HERE

August 2017-Creating Your Own Hunting Reality   Click   HERE

September 2017-The Push to Season Opener…Fall Food Plots   Click   HERE

October 2017-A Hunting Journal   Click   HERE

November 2017-Throwing Caution   Click   HERE

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