Southern Iowa Whitetail Hunts

Full Potential Outdoors is a Southern Iowa Whitetail Outfitter offering unique Iowa whitetail hunting experiences!!!

Archery, Muzzleloader, Zone 5

Southern Iowa has some of the best habitat and trophy quality deer hunting in the whitetail world.  We are proud to offer these trophy class whitetail hunts in Southern Iowa.  We believe we offer the best service and experiences of any Iowa Whitetail Outfitter.

Archery Hunts 2017       Sold Out

2017 Late Muzzleloader/Shotgun      Sold Out

Archery Hunts 2018     Sold Out

2018 Late Muzzleloader/Shotgun     Sold Out

Because of the nature of the Iowa draw changing (needing more points to draw) I will not be booking any hunts beyond 2018 at this time unless you have already booked.  It looks like 3 points will no longer guarantee a draw in zone 5 for archery?  I’m waiting to see if 2017 shows this again like 2016 which had archers with 3 points not drawing.  Update 6/25/2017…Once again in 2017, 3 points did not guarantee a draw so I can no longer book hunters until they have or are projected to have 4 points.

Unless you have already booked a hunt, all future hunts will be booked as follows:  $3500/per person plus tax.  For Archery hunting, if 2 hunters book a hunt together, they will be given almost the entire archery season to hunt.  I will work with you on those dates saving at least two weeks for me to go in and harvest some does.  Hunt as much or as little as you like.  You will have access to a farm and cabin for the whole season up until you harvest your deer.  OR  If you book a hunt as an individual, you will be given half a season split somewhere around November 5th depending on the calendar for that year. You will either get the season opener of Oct. 1st through Nov. 5th or Nov. 6th through about the 20th of November.  First come first pick!

I only book a limited number of hunts each year for muzzleloader and shotgun seasons.  If you book one of these hunts, you get the whole season.

If you are interested in a hunt in a slot that is already booked, you can still call or email and I can get you on a standby list…or in the event I obtain another farm it may open up a slot currently booked.  I will contact those on this list first for any openings.

We believe we offer uniquely better hunting opportunities than what you would normally encounter with other Iowa whitetail outfitters.  Our goal is not to maximize profits by leasing up a bunch of land and running hunters through on short hunts (3-7 days).  In fact, you will never see us advertise based on acreage, hyped up stories, or by which TV personality hunts with us.  We are not offering that!  What we are offering is access to a fully managed top of the line farm…that is yours for your hunt.  Each farm is managed in a way we feel gives the hunter the best possible chance on harvesting a trophy animal.

Iowa Whitetail Outfitter, Iowa Whitetail Hunts

“Barkley” during daylight in the morning. We nicknamed this buck Barkley in 2013. Because of low hunting pressure, 3 year old deer like this can make it through until the next hunting season and beyond. In this picture, he and another buck are near some scrapes on the lane leading to our interior plot “The Boot”. We found him on our cameras again in late December.

The habitat, food sources, stand placements, exit and entry routes, are all thought out ahead of time for you.  We simply cannot spend the amount of time we feel is necessary to make things “right” by leasing up a bunch of ground and selling hunts.  We believe attention to detail and doing things right will make for the best and most productive hunting experience.  We are in fact outfitting a hunting experience.  Our southern Iowa whitetail hunts offer:

—Each hunting party (generally designed for 2 people) will have their own cabin to themselves.  The cabin is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities.  They are clean and comfortable with a shower, living room and kitchen, and a loft with beds.  They are roomy and serve all the needs of a hunter…maybe more.

Iowa Whitetail Outfitters, Iowa Whitetail Hunts

Typical Hunting Cabin

Late muzzleloader hunts come with a money back food plot guarantee.  If you book a muzzleloader hunt with us we guarantee that there will be standing crops to hunt over or your money back.

—Each farm has been selected for its ability to hunt well.  Which means access is good (which is crucial) and it is in an area that can and will produce big deer.  Our farms are located in the heart of some of the best ground in south central Iowa.

—We plant each farm with food plots in locations and quantity that will maximize hunting opportunities on each farm.  We don’t just throw in some winter wheat and exclaim that we have planted food plots.  Soybeans, brassicas, clover, corn, grain sorghum, and alfalfa are some of the crops you might find on your farm.

Iowa Whitetail Outfitters

One of our soybean plots. Looking good for mid July.

—An adequate number of stand locations will exist so that no stand gets burned out, each possible wind direction is taken into account, and the entire farm is huntable if you wish to hunt it.  We will not put you on a farm that has 2 spots to sit and each spot is not thought out.  This is where attention to detail matters, and we pay close attention!

Iowa Whitetail Outfitters, Iowa Whitetail Hunts

My son setting a typical hang on stand. We also use ladder stands and ground blinds.

—You will be given a longer time, probably the longest in the industry, to hunt.  We are not offering hyped hunts and want our hunters to have the best value in the industry.  We will also work with you on the start and ending dates for your hunt making suggestions on when we think you would be the most successful.  We believe longer hunts will provide our hunters with more opportunities, a chance to actually put together a good hunt, and lessens the chance of hunters killing smaller bucks because of the pressures of shorter duration hunting.  We will do our best to cater each hunt to the individual hunter or group.

For more details, and to talk to Tom about what you can expect when booking a hunt with us, please give us a call!  To visit the Iowa DNR website click here.

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