Late Season Whitetails

With the ending of November comes an end to the best hunting parts of the rut.  Sure, there is still some rut activity taking place, but rut tactics during late season is a recipe for failure.  Take a look at an article I wrote about tactics (other than food sources) to consider when late season hunting.  Click Here to access the article.

One thought on “Late Season Whitetails

  1. My favorite time to try to get a big mature buck is in January. I live and hunt in southern Ohio. I own a 42 acre farm surrounded by over 600 acres of ag. fields and woodlots. I always put out a couple 1&1/2 acre patches surrounded by woodlots. When one of those “polar vortex’s” arrive and the high temperature for over a week is 10 degrees, every mature old buck around is bedding on my property. If God is willing…the cold will make him get on his feet an hour or hour and a half before the sun drops. I dont even hunt those plots til then to keep my presence unknown.

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