Big Buck Down

I believe in doing things right.  Seriously!  So when I started FPO this year I had a choice to make on whether or not I was even going to sell any hunts my first year.  After going through summer it was clear to me that my farm was holding some good bucks.  So I made the decision to sell a hunt for one or two hunters.  When Jamie from Minnesota first called me it was clear to me that he was the exact type of hunter I wanted on my farm the first year.  Someone that knew what they were doing and that I could rely on for some honest and accurate feedback on my service and the hunt itself.  I had a couple other late inquiries making it possible to sell multiple hunts but sticking with my principles of low hunter pressure I decided to give Jamie a 4 week hunt (note the 4 week hunt was only for this year).  I had to admit to him upfront that my food plots were in rough shape to say the least…I had replanted my soybeans twice; and because of the drought they all died leaving me with only fall planted brassicas on the farm.  To say I was nervous about his success chances is an understatement.  Well, after a couple weeks of on and off hunting, Jamie did find success with “Diego”!  Congratulations Jamie on a good hunt!


Jamie from Minnesota with his buck “Diego”. Diego was a very local mature deer. I first saw him this summer on one of my soybean fields before they burned up. I later got cam pictures of him all summer, into fall, and right up until I met Jamie at the cabin for his hunt. Diego is a 5 year old or older brute of a deer. He has 11 points with an inside spread of just over 20 inches. Jamie slipped into a stand we call “High Rise”. It is situated on a fence line overlooking a pond and alfalfa field. The deer, especially bucks use the alfalfa as a primary food source and like to work the edge created by the cattle fence. Diego jumped the fence and walked by Jamie in front of the stand. Nothing is more gratifying for me than to see a hunter put all the pieces together and be successful on a hunt I provided.

One of many cam pictures of “Diego”

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