Stick with it-Switch to Food

Is the rut over?  Well, technically it is not.  But….if you still have your tag left unfilled and you want to keep hunting start switching over from rut type hunting tactics to food sources.  If you have some standing beans or corn that is the best.  Because of the drought on my farm in southern Iowa my food plots are in brassicas.  In any event, key in on food sources starting right now and stick with FOOD until the season comes to an end!

Because of the drought this year, I had to replant all my beans. One of my favorite choices when doing late summer replantings are brassicas. These brassicas will stay green and attract deer until they are gone…hopefully lasting until after all the seasons have come to pass.

One thought on “Stick with it-Switch to Food

  1. I agree 100%. On my farm in Wisconsin I am gun hunting. I saw some rutting (chasing) activity on Sunday Nov. 18, and I shot a fine doe over my brassica food plot on Monday Nov. 19. The rut is still happening but food source hunting will pay off.

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