Scent Control (not hype)

I was at my favorite all around store this weekend and went to the sporting goods area to get some soap.  The only reason I get non-scented soap that is marketed as such is it is hard to find non-scented soap otherwise.  And it’s pretty cheap anyhow.  So there I was getting the soap looking at a complete isle and three or four isle ends all dedicated to scent elimination sprays, powders, soaps, masking scents, and on and on.  I actually laugh out loud some times it is all so ridiculous.  Let me explain how you can quickly and affordably do the best you can possibly do to control your scent.

  1. Take a shower with scent free soap before every hunt.
  2. Wash your hunting clothes with a small amount of natural color safe bleach and baking soda—-always air dry outside.

    The most effective way to wash clothes and eliminate scent is to use natural color safe chlorine free bleach and baking soda. It works as good or better than any specialty hunting clothes wash.

  3. Always make sure you are down-wind of the deer you are hunting.

Do these three things, save a lot of money. and you will be just fine.  Now, if you really want to get into this…try these extra steps for unmatched scent control.

  1. Go to a dollar store or Good Will and buy a set of clothes for each and every hunt (I have 10 sets) that you might go on between washings.  Do this for the clothes that contact your skin.  I like sweat pants and a long sleeve tee for this.  I wash these clothes like in step 2 above and put on a fresh pair for every hunt.  For me this would be underwear, sweat pants, long sleeve tee, and gloves.  This way you have clean and scent free under garments for every hunt.  You can get all 10 sets for about $100 and they should last many seasons.
  2. Now, here is the key to unmatched scent control.  If you have done everything in this post so far…try this and you will not be sorry.  Buy yourself a set of rain gear that is non-breathable.  Make sure it is rubber or pvc lined.

    This is my “scent proof” rain gear. They are rubber lined and are non-breathable. Make sure there are no openings or anything around the arm pits or crotch to allow them to breath. Your scent will be sealed in!

    I bought mine from Gander Mountain but I checked quick before writing this and you can get a set of these for about $75 from almost any major outdoor chain store.  Keep your rain gear and an outside layer of camo from touching anything…put the rain gear on just under your outermost layer of clothes.  You have now just effectively sealed in almost all of your scent.  If you get a rain jacket with a hood wear it too and keep the scent from your head at a minimum also.  Seriously, this works!  I’ve been doing this for a few years now with better results than any spray or fancy set of scent clothes.  And at probably a quarter of the cost!!!  Cabelas makes a suit like this but at a cost of like $300.  Trust me, just get the non-breathable rain gear—save yourself some money—and hunt as scent free as is currently possible.

Remember—forget all the hype and use some common sense.  This no nonsense way to eliminate scent works.


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