It Feels Like Fall

Up in Wisconsin this weekend there was snow!  That’s right…Saturday morning was our first snow fall of the year with a trace to an inch on the ground.

Anyhow, back to southern Iowa, checking on some of our food plots and hung one more stand this weekend.  I have never seen this bad of drought in my life.  Leaves were falling from the trees that were dried up, still green, but falling?  Water is no longer coming from some of the springs in the deepest ravines.  Some ponds are dried up.  It seems like the deer are really concentrating on anything they can find that is green.

One of our brassica plots along a ditch. Bedding area to the west and a fence line form an inside corner on this plot for a perfect stand site. The brassicas don’t look great in this pic…but they are getting hit pretty hard already. Anything green this year is going to bring in deer in drought stricken southern Iowa!

We are seeing deer on alfalfa fields that are holding their own in the drought; and our brassicas are up and getting hit pretty good.  If you took the time to replant or put in some fall green plots, you should have good deer hunting this fall!

This time of year is always fun checking cameras too.  We don’t put out bait for our cameras but are starting to get some good deer on them.  This week we found several scrapes opened up in areas around our plots….so we’ve moved some cameras over scrapes.

Tom checking one of several cameras. This one happened to be on a water hole.


2 thoughts on “It Feels Like Fall

    • The camera doesn’t show the water to the left in the picture. Believe me, even mud holes this year seem to be drawing animals to them.

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