Bizarre Rub Accident

Bizarre is an understatement.  This was sent to me by friend Jason Hull of Mossy Oak Properties.  He was checking his farm in southeast Iowa when he happened upon this rub.  This is no ordinary rub!  It looks as though the buck got tangled in this sapling and couldn’t break free…instead part of his skull plate broke free.  Jason was unable to find the deer thinking maybe it had died.  Deer are really tough but I don’t know if this one is going to make it.  Just imagine walking around with part of your skull plate missing.

2 thoughts on “Bizarre Rub Accident

    • Jason Hull found this antler/skull on his farm and I asked if I could share what happened. He said he looked for a dead deer but never did find one. I can’t believe this deer could live with part of its skull missing.

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