Checking the Farm

We went down to our farm this weekend to check on the cabin, food plots, and do some glassing for bucks.  The food plots have been hit hard by the drought conditions so we replanted many acres in brassica blends for this fall.  We did however get some good pictures of some really nice bucks and even saw two good ones on one of our plots Friday evening.  I took a picture with my camera from about 200 yards?  The season is coming fast.

5 thoughts on “Checking the Farm

  1. Choosing an Outfitter is a very good article. Common sense and easy to understand. In fact your web site and all articles are great.

    • Thank you for the comments. I wrote the article because I hate seeing working class hunters get burned by some outfitters.

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  3. Peppy: Good things don’t always come easy. You are doing a Fantastic job on your farm. And thank you for all the wonderful articles. I had a GREAT experience two years ago. Got to meet Larry Bonoit at one of my Minnesota hunts over a cup of coffee. And his son Lanny. What a guy. He did past away this year at the age of 78. There was and article in Wis News were he got invited to hunt on a farm in Mondovi Wi last yr and shot a respectable buck. God bless him.
    Rog Cat Mancl “Happy Holidays” to you and your family.

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